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Red Branch 418 Officers:

Worthy Matron                 DeShannon Sanders

Worthy Patron                        Willie Harris

Associate Matron                Shereene Hill-Veal

Associate Patron                      TBA       

Conductress                          Lisa Baldwin

Associate Conductress               Laurieann Middleton

Secretary                                Kimberly Rorie    

Treasurer                                    Denise Anderson

Trustee Chair                                        Jackie Lewis

ADAH                     Martha Cole

RUTH              Sharon Mabry

ESTHER                            Natsha Bowman

MARTHA                    Earlene Ervin

ELECTA       Pauline Ford


Sharon Anderson              Cheryl Patterson

Gisella Boney                Delina McAllister

Carshia Pollard              Lucy Simpson

Willie Owens                 Yolanda DuPont

Veronica M. Huggins          Kendra Mitchell

Shawn Turner                 Selma Clark

Rachelle Gist                Monica Palmer

Rhonda Bowden                                            Karlyn H Walker

Tiffany Johnson                                              Teresa Lowe

Chevia Gary                                                   Mary Orr

Patricia Townsend                                        Tracey Campbell

Leslie Baldwin                                                Falisa Hankins

Elijah Brown                                                  Elizabeth Floyd

Tareska Simelton                                         Cheree Stone


Sister Veronica Matthews graduated from Univ of Georgia gaining  her Master's in Social Work on May 9th, 2009.  A week later she became VERONICA HUGGINS, and got married!  We wish Roni and her new hubby the very best!

Let us know if there are any events or updates you would like to share with fellow members.  When you are doing something that is important to you, we want to share in your success!


Red Branch #418

P O Box 16123

Charlotte, North Carolina 28997-6123





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Webmaster: PM Shereene Hill-Veal can be reached @